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Willem's dream

Everyone has dreams... But do you make them come true?

“You dream about a sabbatical, an adventurous trip, a new job or starting your own company. I too have dreamed for years about what my perfect life would look like. We spend so much time at work that there is often little time left to do what you love most. Is it possible to turn that around? Can you spend the most time doing what you really enjoy?

I'm happiest when I'm creating; working on cars, renovating furniture and building things. Would it be possible to start a business where I do thit all day long, while also making people? With that question, my indoor camping adventure started.

Now people are literally dreaming in my dream. And I still do what I love every day. I hope this is an inspiration for others to pursue their own dreams.”

- Willem Megens, owner Outside Inn

Outside Inn

The start of the campsite

Willem meets Bob Kuys in November 2016, in the mountains of Myanmar. Willem tells Bob about his dream. Bob is convinced that when you have a dream, you should pursue it. Bob gave Willem the final push and together they concretized the plans for this creative concept.

They found a suitable property and Willem converted several caravans into the beautiful accommodations that are on the campsite today. In 2019 the time had finally come: Outside Inn was open for business. Just when tourism was coming to a standstill due to the corona virus. It was a rough start, but we survived. Outside Inn has now grown into a popular home base for a visit to Amsterdam. And we are on a roll. Willem is still building new rooms and we are always looking for ways to improve our guest experience.

Outside Inn

Transformed warehouse

An old warehouse of no less than 1000 m² has been transformed into a colorful campsite, where you can still clearly see the industrial details. The entire building has underfloor heating. It is always warm and dry. All around the campground you will find Willem’s restored and modernized caravans.

Among other things, Willem has a background in restoring classic cars. He has a passion for building and creating. He wanted to turn this into a fulltime job - and he succeeded. Every day he works on new caravans, holiday homes and other fun stuff to make the indoor camping even more beautiful.